Chad andrew harris

Steven davidson

Dennis contreras

Jake joines


Charlotte Bluegrass Allstars are a genre-bending powerhouse hailing from the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. This unique collaboration brings together a diverse ensemble of musicians, each drawing from distinct musical backgrounds, including rock, blues, classical, jazz, and jam band influences. United by a shared passion for Bluegrass, they’ve woven a tapestry of sound that defies traditional boundaries and expectations. 

Steven Davidson (Mandolin): Steven's mandolin skills bring a mesmerizing energy to Charlotte Bluegrass Allstars. He seamlessly weaves intricate melodies that not only pay homage to the roots of Bluegrass but also push the boundaries of the genre.

Chad Andrew Harris (Guitar): Chad's mastery of the guitar creates a captivating sound that is both soulful and powerful. His inventive and melodic playing elevates the band's music to new heights, adding a touch of magic to every performance.

Jake Joines (Dobro): Jake's nimble fingerpicking and soul-stirring solos on then dobro provide the backbone for Charlotte Bluegrass Allstars' sound. His instinctual understanding of the genre shines through in his playing, and he brings an undeniable passion to every note.

Dennis Contreras (Bass): Dennis holds down the low end with his skillful bass playing, providing the steady foundation that drives the band's rhythm. His rich and resonant tones perfectly complement the band's overall sound, lending depth and texture to their music.